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Quality, speedy delivery and a reasonable price.

Aquitaine traduction translation

The key factors when you order a translation are: quality, speed and a reasonable price. Aquitaine Traduction has decades of experience in providing all three!
To order a translation, simply click here or go to the FREE QUOTE page, fill in your details and upload your file. You will receive a reply very rapidly. Quotes are free and documents remain entirely confidential.

Rigorous standards

Aquitaine traduction translation

All translations are done by native speakers, chosen for their specialised knowledge in your field (technical, medical, legal, financial, etc.) and carefully revised. We strive to understand your needs and always meet agreed deadlines.

Great attention is paid to terminological research and consistency. When in doubt, the client is always asked for clarification. Since translation is also a question of style, especially for brochures, websites, marketing documents, etc., care is taken in foreign versions to avoid stilted language and negative connotations.

Aquitaine Traduction is frequently asked to manage large projects involving several languages and thousands of words. Each project is expertly coordinated with experienced teams of translators and revisers, in keeping with the most rigorous professional standards.

Related services

Aquitaine traduction translation

Sworn translations: Aquitaine Traduction supplies sworn translations (traductions assermentées) on a regular basis. These documents, translated, signed and stamped by court-appointed experts, are valid for all legal formalities and official purposes.

Revision/copy-editing: Aquitaine Traduction also has a great deal of experience in correcting texts written by non-native-speakers. We regularly review the linguistic content of scientific articles and have close links with several universities.